Product Applications

Concrete pump tube automatic quenching production line

August 23, 2021
Concrete pump tube automatic quenching production line Product name: Conveying straight pipe (single layer + composite)
 Product specifications: φ120×500-3500mm
  Induction power supply: 4×300KW /DSP/IGBT
  Transformer: Special for ferrite
  Control system: PLC+temperature control+energy monitoring+MES system
  Cooling system: Power supply cooling + quenching liquid cooling
  Production line: RGV trolley receiving material + nozzle grinding + robot feeding + inner wall quenching machine tool + robot blanking + conveyor line feeding + robot feeding + pipe head pressing sleeve + robot blanking
Key technologies: Industry 4.0 intelligent production line, flexible deployment and unmanned operation, seamless linkage of 4 sets of equipment, high integration of MES information, robot sky rail hoisting, and the overall layout is compact and reasonable.