Product Applications

Slewing bearing induction quenching heat treatment

February 22, 2021

Slewing bearing rolling tracking High frequency induction heating machine quenching heat treatment

Max. Diameter of quenching work piece:  300-5000mm

Max. Height: 400mm

Max. weight:5000kg


Induction heat treatment solution

   Product name: Double raceway slewing bearing
   Product specifications: φ1000-3000mm
   Induction power supply: 200KW /DSP/IGBT
   Transformer: laminated thin
   Control system: Siemens 840DSL
   Cooling system: Power supply cooling + quenching liquid cooling
   Quenching machine: Oblique vertical support hanging type
   Key technologies: Precise control of the quenching process, automatic tracking of raceway gaps, closed-loop monitoring of cooling flow, flexible cables for easy movement, electronic fence safety protection, automatic filtering of slag, oil and dirt.