Circular Tube, steel Tube, drill Pipe Quenching And Tempering Heat Treatment Production Line

August 30, 2019

Circular tube, steel tube, drill pipe quenching and tempering heat treatment production line

Apply to Induction Heat treatment for Circular Tube products, including quenching process, tempering process treatment,the quenching and tempering can also be made into a line continuous production.

Batch feeding, batch unloading, automatic feeding production, automatic control processing, can complete unattended operation.

The quality of the products handled by the production line is very high,Including metallographic inspection, straightness, etc., can meet the strict quality requirements of customers circular tube, steel tube, drill pipe quenching and tempering heat treatment production line

The industry experience in the heat treatment field in the last twenty years is to solve every heat treatment problem , whether it is a profiling quenching, an inner wall quenching, an outer wall quenching , an inner hole quenching, an end surface hardening, a plane hardening, a gear quenching and a local quenching ;Whether hardening layer is from 0.5mm or 5mm or other thickness

Whether hardening or quenched and tempered, we can always find the most suitable solution for you.

That's the promise of Kechuang.

We have a large number of use cases in different industries, including automobile industry, construction machinery, wind power industry, gear industry, military industry, aerospace and so on.

Induction heat treatment solution

Full automatic control: Siemens PLC as the control center, combined with perfect program design, achieve full automation production, save operation manpower, high product performance.

High performance temperature control: use high precision non-contact infrared temperature measurement, can stable long-term operation, temperature control has speed, current, voltage and other closed-loop functions, can achieve temperature control accuracy to 0. 5%, temperature uniformity is good, ensure the stability of product quality.

High power efficiency and power factor, wide voltage range.

Quick Start : Full power operation can be achieved within 0.1s , the first in China .

High reliability: can achieve 24 hours continuous uninterrupted operation.

Energy monitoring: with key production parameters, such as heating voltage, current, power, quenching fluid flow, quenching fluid temperature, continuous recording, preservation, query function, can be exported historical data easy to view.

Induction heat treatment solution