Induction Heating Equipment for the steel strip bluing

March 14, 2023
The High frequency induction heating machine heating equipment of the steel strip bluing production line uses the principle of thermal oxidation of the metal steel strip to form a stable surface of the steel strip through controlled heating of the steel strip.
The blue bright oxide film makes it difficult to oxidize freely within a certain period of time.
Induction heat treatment solution



The physical and chemical properties of the steel strip surface are stable and durable; the color consistency is high; and the color depth can be adjusted according to requirements (change the heating temperature).
The heating working environment is good, the efficiency is high, the work is stable, and it is convenient for automatic control.
Wide range of heating steel belt specifications: in the case of heating width 16-32mm, thickness 0.5-1.2mm, 10 or 20 strips, no need to replace the sensor
Nice full power delivery.
At present, the total power of heating equipment for most manufacturers is 800-1000KW, 20 32X0.9 steel belts run at the same time, and the running speed is 25-35