Induction Mold heating (mobile phone, notebook)

August 01, 2022
Induction Mold heating (mobile phones, notebooks), Induction coating and others
Kechuang has a large number of application cases in the field of mobile phone mold heating.
Using unique High frequency induction heating machine heating technology, the temperature of the mold core is uniform, the production efficiency is increased by 20%-50%, the energy saving is more than 20%, and the capacity of the chiller is reduced by 50%.
1. Multi-station operation, 1-8 independent output units, multi-output power supply has the highest cost performance.
2. The efficiency and power factor of the power supply are high, and the adaptable voltage range is wide, which can reduce the capacity and requirements for power distribution.
3. Electromagnetic radiation, power grid harmonics, and electromagnetic compatibility comply with national standards and IEC standards. The power supply has built-in harmonic suppression circuits, improved power factor correction measures, and improved electromagnetic radiation suppression measures.
Kechuang has created a number of achievements in the use of induction heating power in a factory with a total capacity of more than 10,000KW.
Induction heat treatment solution
Induction heat treatment solution

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