Applications of Induction Heating machine in Vacuum

March 14, 2023
Induction Heating in Vacuum Applications
Induction heating is a new energy-saving, environmentally friendly and efficient heating method. With the improvement of High frequency induction heating machine heating technology, its application in the industrial field is becoming more and more
Many, especially in metal heat treatment, military manufacturing and other fields have been widely used, while induction heating technology has also been obtained in scientific experiments, material experiments
applied. In order to realize the monitoring and control of the heating process of metal materials in a vacuum environment, our company specializes in the induction heating power supply in a vacuum environment.
Under the development of the temperature closed-loop control system and the sensor power supply are specially optimized for use in vacuum environments.
The application of this equipment includes: intelligent load dynamic analysis technology, temperature dual control technology, energy control technology, process data recording and other functions.
Device Control Features
Full digital control: Adopt DSP main control chip, full digital control power and frequency lock, the control accuracy is greatly improved.
The control circuit is fully isolated: the main control circuit adopts EMC modules, isolation transformers, etc. are completely isolated, safe and reliable.
Perfect protection function: It has multiple protection functions such as overvoltage, overcurrent, short circuit, undervoltage, missing item, water shortage, and frequency limit.
Abundant external interfaces: with external power control, start-stop control, software control and other interfaces.
Human-computer interaction characteristics
Industrial touch screen: All parameters can be viewed and operated on the screen, and all Chinese prompts are convenient and quick.
Test mode: the power and frequency can be judged in advance to prevent the workpiece from being burned due to inappropriate process parameters.