High-Frequency New Induction Heating Power Supply Releasing

February 22, 2022
High-Frequency New Induction Heating Power Supply Releasing:
Induction heat treatment solution
Power: 250kW 
Frequency: 150-300khz 
 Incoming voltage: 380V×3 
Expansion function: Power can be extended to the range of 10KW-1500KW 
The power supply features a new inverter unit;  High frequency, large power, strong power expansibility;  Wide frequency coverage.
Power advantage: SiC MOS compared with common MOS on resistance smaller, lower switching loss, higher compression strength, better high-temperature properties, suitable for higher switching frequency, under the condition of same power can decrease the size of the system as a whole, the benefits of increased efficiency, losses from a lower temperature, one step closer to improve the efficiency and stability of the High frequency induction heating machine heating equipment. 
Induction heat treatment solution
Induction heat treatment solution
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