Induction heat treatment widely used within a variety of fields in the new-energy automotive industry

February 23, 2022

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Induction heat treatment solution


With the rapid development of new energy vehicles,to make the automotive production cleaner, safer and more efficient.

Induction heat treatment is widely used within a variety of fields in the new-energy automotive industry.


1) Induction hardening(100-200KW)

Engine parts such as valves, crankshafts, camshafts, connecting rods, and starter rings

Transmission parts, for example, CV joints, tulips, and axle shafts

Suspension parts such as shock absorber rods, springs, and suspension arms

Parts for automatic and manual gear gearboxes, for example, rings, selector shafts, and sun gears

clutch springs and brake pads

2) Induction #tempering

Camshafts, crankshafts, driveshafts, torsion bars, couplings, rocker arms, rock drills, chains, suspension arms, clutches, brake discs, steering wheels, CV joints, tulips, shock absorbers, inner and outer races, control rods, #valves, and output #shafts.

3) Induction brazing(30-60KW)

Aluminum parts for air-conditioning systems, for example, evaporator and condenser connections (tube-to-tube, tube-to-block, tube-to-tank)

steel and copper components, e.g., brake linings, fuel injection pipes

short-circuit rings for electric motors

4) #Induction #bonding

Magnets in electric motors 

doors, hoods, and trunks

fenders and rear-view mirrors

5) Induction #pre-heating

Transmission parts, for example, shrink fitting of gear wheels 

6) Induction #post-heating

Engine parts and brake discs (polymerization) 

Induction #straightening

steel chassis

truck making and repairment


Induction heat treatment solution

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