What are the factors affecting the effectiveness of high frequency induction brazing machine brazing

January 08, 2021

What are the factors affecting the effectiveness of high frequency brazing machine brazing

Induction heat treatment solution

1. Brazing temperature (the increase of brazing heating temperature, due to the decrease of surface tension of the filler metal will improve the wettability of the filler metal to the base metal, but

Brazing temperature can not be too high, otherwise it will cause the loss of filler metal, grain growth and other defects);

2. The composition of filler metal and base metal (if the filler metal and base metal in solid and liquid state do not occur in physical and chemical action, wetting between them

Use is very poor);

3.  The base metal surface roughness (when the interaction between the solder and the base metal is weak, the base metal surface rough groove plays a special capillary role,

Can improve the wetting and spreading of the filler metal on the base metal);

4.  The base metal surface oxide (if the base metal surface oxide, liquid filler metal tends to agglomerate into a ball, and do not moisten the base metal

Wet, so before brazing you must be fully removed oxides, in order to ensure good wetting effect);

5. Brazing agent (the use of brazing agent can remove the oxide on the surface of the filler metal and the base metal, improve the wetting effect, borax can be used

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