CNC Induction quenching machine

April 20, 2020

CNC Induction quenching machine

The machine is a vertical double position CNC quenching machine, the workpiece (work table) up and down movement.

The machine tool can complete the functions of fixed point timing integral quenching, continuous scanning quenching, segmental positioning scanning quenching and so on.Machine tool mechanical structure adopts reasonable, advanced design, main and auxiliary guide rail are linear bearings, high precision, small friction, long life, surface chrome plating, corrosion resistance.The driving parts are ball screw, high speed, wear resistance, excellent performance, reliable quality.It is widely used in High frequency induction heating machine heat treatment of automobile, tractor, textile, military industry, aerospace science and engineering, construction machinery and other industries.Suitable for single and batch workpiece quenching, reasonable structure, complete functions, easy to operate.


The machine adopts numerical control control system, the function is comprehensive, the quality is stable and reliable, the failure rate is low.LCD display, Chinese interface, operation panel provides all nc operation, programming and machine tool control action buttons.Through the numerical control keyboard can realize the process program selection, delete, modify, call and other operations, the system can store a number of parts quenching process.The system is equipped with off-side protection and braking protection.It has the function of alarm diagnosis information and high safety reliability.