The principle of improving the hardness of workpiece for automatic CNC induction quenching equipment tool

January 08, 2021

The principle of  improving the hardness of workpiece for automatic CNC High frequency induction heating machine quenching equipment tool


  1. The field effect of automatic quenching equipment during quenching and cooling process will increase the cooling capacity of quenching and cooling medium, so that quenching oil can be obtained The cooling characteristics between water and oil tend to be more ideal, and the quenching capacity of water is greater than that of ordinary water, and the quenching capacity of low carbon steel is intense Quenching provides a new way for martensite strengthening and toughening process of low carbon steel.
  2. When the workpiece heated to the quenching temperature with ultrasonic wave, While the cavitation of ultrasonic wave on the quenching cooling medium  can change the heat exchange conditions inside of the workpiece, so as to strengthen the cooling process of the medium, improve the medium cooling rate and Cooling uniformity, the quenching hardness of the workpiece and the depth of the hardened layer are improved.
  3. Automatic quenching equipment with high performance temperature control function, the use of high-precision non-contact infrared temperature measurement, can be stable long-term operation, temperature control With speed, current, voltage and other closed-loop functions, can achieve temperature control accuracy to 0.5%, good temperature uniformity, to ensure the stability of product quality The qualitative.