60KW high frequency induction hardening equipment tool


•  Quick. The produced heat from a frequency

converter is instant.

•  Accurate. Just the right temperature, just

where it is needed, and to just the right depth.

•  Controllable. Complete control over the entire

heating process.

•  Repeatable. Induction heating lets you

accurately repeat your desired heating cycle.

•  Clean, safe, compact. No gas. No open

flames. No noticeable increase in ambient

temperature. No excessive floor space oc-

cupied by ovens.


•  Applications knowledge. Almost 20 years

experience has given us unrivalled knowledge

of diverse applications.

•  Equipment technology. We design, build, install

and maintain a complete range of induction


•  Coils capability. A correctly designed, made

and maintained coil is crucial to any induction


•  Materials know-how. We not only know more

about induction heating than anyone else, we

know more about how the technology affects

your materials.

•  Global reach. Local presence. Worldwide net-

work of representatives, manufacturing facilities

and sales and service companies.


TAG:   hardening quenching inductionhardening hardeningmachine

DSP digital intelligent power supply parameters
Type: XZC-60
Input voltage: 380v/3 phase/60 Hz
Rated power (standard configuration): 60KW
Power regulation range: 5%-100%(Digital regulation)
power control accuracy: ±0.5%
Oscillating frequency: 20-40kHz
Power Factor: ≥97%
Work pattern Constant current: constant power arbitrary choice
Control core: High performance DSP processor
Controlling means:  Internal control and remote control arbitrary switching
Operation interface: Industrial touch screen+ button
Communication interface: RS485
Cooling-down method:  Combination of forced water cooling

TAG:   hardening quenching inductionhardening hardeningmachine
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