All-in-one CNC Induction Heating and Hardening Machine Tool

All-in-one CNC Induction Heating and Hardening Machine Tool

Basic Parameter:
Input Voltage:3*380VAC
Power supply Frequency: 50HZ
Power: ≤220kVA
Quenching Power: ≤220kVA
Quenching Frequency: 1-200kHZ
Display Screen: LCD + Buttons
Connection port: Profinet+ IO
Workpiece Length:  1000mm
Rotary Diameter: 400mm
Workpiece Weight: 80KG
Quenching length: 1000mm
Quenching diameter: 200mm
Hardening depth: 1-5mm
Quenching form: Spraying 
Quenching liquid pressure: ≤0.4Mpa
Quenching liquid flow: 10-100L/min
Water cooling tank volume: 480L
Working Environment Temperature: 0-40
Working Environment humility: ≤80%RH
Dimension: 3000*1900*2200mm
Weight: 3000KG

The integrated CNC quenching machine adopts a frame type welding bed structure, the load adjustment table, the workpiece movement, the table movement in this machine tool adopts ball screw drive, servo motor drive, the moving speed is infinitely adjustable, and the rotation of parts adopts frequency conversion speed regulation Control, the speed is infinitely adjustable. The clamping length of the parts can be adjusted electrically to adapt to the change of the length of the quenched parts, which is easy to adjust. It adopts numerical control system to realize automatic control, and can store more than 20 kinds of parts process programs.

Product Features

Induction heat treatment solution

Product parameters
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