Complete set of Raceway CNC Quenching Machine

1. Quenching Parts Requirements
  Quenching parts: continuous scanning quenching of inner and outer raceways of bearings, single-tooth High frequency induction heating machine quenching of teeth.
2. Technical Specifications of Quenching Parts
1). Maximum diameter range of quenched parts: 300-5000mm
2). Maximum height of quenched parts: 400mm
3). Maximum weight of quenched parts: 5000Kg

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Process plan of High frequency induction heating machine hardening equipment
According to the technical requirements of slewing bearing induction hardening, the machine tool adopts the structure of transformer lifting movement, radial feed movement and lateral movement. The rotary table is driven by servo motor to rotate, which can realize the functions of automatic gear indexing and continuous scanning of raceways. The machine tool has good versatility.
The host of the machine tool adopts a gantry structure, and a horizontal sliding table is designed on the beam, which can realize the radial movement of the sensor. The moving beam is designed with a sensor lifting and a lateral moving sliding table, which realizes the lifting and lateral movement of the sensor. Induction heating loads are designed to be mounted on laterally moving slides.
Transformer/inductor lifting movement, forward and backward movement, and lateral movement are respectively driven by servo motors and driven by ball screws. The moving guide rail is a linear guide rail, and the moving position can be precisely controlled.
The induction heating power supply adopts 200Kw/4-10KHz parallel resonant all-digital IGBT transistor power supply, equipped with a set of induction heating load, which can be used with different structure sensors, and the best heating effect can be achieved through load matching adjustment.

TAG:   CNC quenching hardening tempering annealing heattreatment heating shafts gears hubwheel bearings Slewing ring Slew Bearing
Product Features
Complete set of Raceway CNC Quenching Machine for Slewing rings
Performance Characteristics:
1. Inclined vertical raceway CNC quenching machine has manual operation and fully automatic operation functions, suitable for single and batch parts production, with continuous quenching, segmented simultaneous quenching and other functions, mainly used for large slewing bearings, raceways, inner channels , Scanning quenching of ring parts such as outer channels. It is widely used in the field of High frequency induction heating machine heat treatment of wind power slewing supports, construction machinery and machine tool industries. Reasonable structure, complete functions, convenient installation and debugging.
Equipped with two induction heating output heads, it can work simultaneously and time-sharing to speed up work efficiency. The layout of the equipment station is convenient and compact, and it is convenient to connect to other production lines to realize automatic linkage.
2. Structural Features
The quenching machine adopts oblique vertical type, the included angle with the horizontal plane is 70 degrees, and the steel frame is welded structure. It adopts double-beam structure and four-point positioning support, and each has two rollers to support the workpiece in two ways: supporting type and hanging type. The machine tool has four identical rollers. After the adjustment, when quenching, the upper and lower beams each have two rollers. The left roller is fixed, and the right roller can be adjusted left and right according to the diameter of the ring gear raceway. The upper and lower beams move in opposite directions at the same speed. , to meet the quenching needs of ring gear raceways of different diameters.
The workpiece is placed obliquely, and through the 840DSL system, two servo motors realize the two-dimensional tracking of the sensor and the quenching surface, two servo motors realize the rotation of the roller, and one servo motor realizes the X-direction feeding to realize the continuous scanning quenching of the raceway. The width of the soft belt can be controlled and set by the Siemens system, and the quenching gap can be set.
The cross slide carries two heating loads, a set of two-dimensional tracking, and a quenching liquid spray system. Based on the main heating load, the preheating load and tracking system can be manually fine-tuned in the front, rear, left and right two-dimensional directions; manual operation is installed The table is located 1 meter away from the load. It is equipped with operations such as power addition and subtraction, liquid spray cutting, connection, heating cutting, connection, and displacement handwheel, which is convenient for the operator to adjust the product model. After the adjustment, the system will automatically record, and subsequent mass production will no longer be adjusted.
3. Working mode of quenching machine tool
The quenching machine tool has two working modes:
1)Hanging type:
The roller of the upper beam is used as the driving wheel, the roller is driven by the servo motor to rotate, and the slewing bearing is driven by the roller to rotate, and the workpiece raceway is continuously quenched, and the sensor is controlled by the CNC and the servo motor through the floating mechanism. Axial automatic tracking.
Support type: the position of the left roller is fixed, and the roller on the beam is driven by a servo motor; the roller drives the workpiece to rotate during work, and the workpiece is continuously quenched. The sensor is controlled by the CNC and the servo motor through the floating mechanism.
2)Tracking type:
The upper and lower beams of the quenching machine can be driven by the motor to rise and fall to adapt to the quenching of workpieces with different diameters. There are scales on both sides of the guide roller and on the beam to improve the adjustment efficiency and accuracy. The positions of the four rollers are determined according to the workpiece diameter φ1000mm~φ3000mm.
The surface of the roller is patterned and heat-treated.
4. Load part:
It adopts thin quenching transformer and is made of imported silicon steel magnetic core, which has small magnetic flux leakage, high efficiency and low self-loss, and overcomes the problem of serious heat generation during continuous operation. Achieve light quenching equipment. The waterway part adopts a full external connection method and uses quick-change joints. The connection from the power supply to the load adopts a flexible flexible cable.
5. Machine tool protection:
The control system is designed with multiple machine tool action protection devices (or programs) and other protections to ensure the safety of operation and prevent losses caused by machine tool action failure or misoperation.
Workpiece non-rotating protection during quenching:
There are rollers installed on the carriage of the rollers on the machine tool. The rotation of the workpiece will drive the rollers to rotate. The rollers will drive the encoder to rotate and output pulses to the control system. The minimum speed can be set in the system. If it is lower than the set value, the system will alarm and stop. Heating, to avoid the abnormal stop of the workpiece during the heating process of the power supply, causing the workpiece to burn out.
Sensor touch workpiece protection:
The equipment is equipped with a special circuit board to detect the contact current between the sensor and the workpiece, and quickly disconnect the power supply if it exceeds the set value. During the quenching tracking process, if there is an abnormality, the sensor will touch the workpiece, and the heating cannot be stopped quickly, which will cause local melting of the workpiece raceway.
The power supply has power and current monitoring functions. During the quenching process, if the voltage and current are abnormal, it will automatically stop heating if it exceeds the set range, and send a signal to the quenching machine control system to stop quenching.

TAG:   CNC quenching hardening tempering annealing heattreatment heating shafts gears hubwheel bearings Slewing ring Slew Bearing
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