Enhanced Intelligent Induction Heating Machine

Digital intelligent control

Ultra high precision control

Intelligent protection

Seal protection

Product Features

Digital intelligent control

Compared with the analog control system, DSP intelligent induction heating power supply has higher stability in different environments, IGBT can be controlled to work in the best soft switching state, so as to optimize switching loss, voltage and current impact, local temperature rise and other parameters. Avoid the inverter efficiency decrease when the inverter state deviates from the best state. Also solve IGBT aging acceleration (such as after using a year and inexplicable damage) and later period maintenance cost is high.


Ultra high precision control

Power frequency control technology use the second generation high performance precise algorithm, All control processes, data processing, parameter calculation, etc. are calculated within the intelligent chip at a high speed. Frequency tracking without loss lock, no drift, control accuracy up to nS level. Combined with proprietary load matching testing techniques, real-time tracking shows the load matching condition to ensure that the equipment is always in the best power factor range.


Intelligent protection

Has a wealth of fault judgment protection circuit, under the cooling water pressure is unstable, temperature is too high, the three-phase power defaults, and the cold workpiece meets the induction coil (grounding protection) condition, power supply inverter can ensure that the output power. When the power supply in the normal heating working if suddenly encountered bad conditions, it can judge all kinds of protection signals separately and send out fault alarm. Such as: over voltage, over current, frequency over limit, IGBT fault alarm signals, can help users find troubleshooting source.


Seal protection

Use sealing tape, together with the groove box edge, can achieve the high level IP54 protection level. Dust, moisture and soot cannot enter the cabinet, It can be used for a long time even in harsh environment, the internal environment is still clean, so that all electronic devices always play the best performance.


Higher control accuracy

The control precision of power control and frequency tracking control is always optimal and will not be affected by the change of working frequency.


Stronger adaptability

Adapt to wider working voltage, the grid voltage fluctuations can also be stable operation.


Wider matching range

The range of power regulation is wider, which can be adjusted from 1% to 100%, and the load adaptability is stronger, so that both no load and heavy load can be started smoothly.


More scalability

Can realize diversified expansion, such as dual-frequency, dual-station, ultra-high frequency, ultra-low frequency and other complex working conditions.

Product parameters
  Power/kW Frenquency/kHZ Control pricision Resonant mode
Medium Frenquency 80-2000 0.2-10 0.10% Series parallel, Hybrid resonant
High Frenquency 20-400 60-600 0.10% Series parallel, Hybrid resonant
Ultrasonic Frenquency 80-2000 10-60 0.10% Series parallel, Hybrid resonant
Mixing frequency 50-400 1-400 0.10% Hybrid resonant
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