Multi-station indexing quenching machine tool

Introduction of Multi-station indexing Quenching Machine Tool
1. The multi-station indexing quenching machine tool mainly increases the basic functions of the traditional vertical single-station machine tool, and the multi-station indexing plate is used for loading and unloading to improve the quenching efficiency. The structural forms of derivative machine tools include: 1. Machine tools with dual-station heating and dual-station cooling indexing plate structures. 2. A disc quenching machine tool for multi-station pinion quenching. 3.4-station indexing disc quenching machine tool.
2. Bed: The bed of the machine tool adopts a welded structure of section steel and steel plate, and is processed after stress relief annealing as a whole to ensure good rigidity and stability, and has good anti-rust and anti-corrosion properties.
3. The multi-station indexing quenching machine tool can be configured. The feeding and storage mechanism and the feeding manipulator: the truss is used to grab the workpiece from the material frame and place it on the reserved loading station of the multi-station machine tool to improve the quenching efficiency.
4. The multi-station quenching machine tool can be configured at the same time, and the feeding conveyor belt: after quenching is completed, it is conveyed to the next process by the conveyor belt.
5. Feeding truss manipulator: It is composed of feeding conveyor chain and stopper mechanism, manipulator traverse slide table, lifting slide table, pneumatic gripper, etc. The manipulator is designed with 2 claw hands to grab the workpiece to be quenched to quenching At the station, the lateral movement and lifting of the manipulator are driven by servo, which can meet the positioning needs of the loading and unloading position of the workpiece.
6. Quenching station: Double-station structure is adopted. During quenching, two workpieces can be heated and sprayed to cool at the same time. The rotation of the workpiece is driven by a frequency conversion motor, and the rotation speed can be set and displayed digitally.
7. This set of quenching machine tools is also equipped with a transformer moving slide: the transformer is installed on a two-dimensional adjustable slide, the X-axis direction (left and right) adjustment range is ± 25 mm, the Y-axis direction (front and rear) adjustment range is ± 35 mm, electric Adjustment. The adjustment button is set at the machine tool operating position (the front of the machine tool), and the position of the sensor can be adjusted by jogging back and forth, left and right, which is convenient for debugging, and the operator can adjust it outside the machine tool.
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