Whole Teeth Induction Hardening Machine

Whole Teeth Induction Hardening Machine
Product Name:Slewing Bearing Whole Teeth Quenching
Process Category: Whole Teeth Induction Hardening
Product specification: 0.3m~1.6m Material 42CrMo ring forging
Hardness requirements: Surface hardness 50~60HRC ;Effective hardened layer depth ≥ 2.2mm (critical hardness
degree 40HRC)
Workpiece thickness:50-100mm
Workpiece unit weight: 20~500kg
Workpiece rotation speed:Degree 10-50rpm/min
Workpiece quenching modulus: 3-14
Sensor movement:
Positioning accuracy ±0.05mm Root hardened layer ≥1.2mm (critical hard
degree 40HRC)
 Applicable product specifications for machine tools:
1. Performance characteristics
The cantilever-type full-tooth CNC quenching machine tool has manual operation and automatic operation functions. It is suitable for single-piece and batch production of parts. It has continuous quenching and simultaneous quenching functions. It is mainly used for large-scale slewing bearings, internal teeth, external teeth, tooth surfaces, etc. The overall quenching of ring parts is also suitable for High frequency induction heating machine hardening of wheel, ring and plane parts. It is widely used in the field of induction heat treatment in wind power, automobile, construction machinery and machine tool industries. Reasonable structure, complete functions, convenient installation and debugging.
Equipped with high-power induction heating output transformer, high working efficiency, convenient and compact equipment station layout, easy to connect to other production lines to realize automatic linkage.
2. Structural features
The structure of the machine tool adopts the cantilever type + rotary table method, the beam carries the power load, can move up and down, left and right, and quenches the tooth surface of the workpiece at the same time;
The workpiece is placed flat, and through the 840DSL system, the alignment of the sensor and the quenching surface is realized by the load slide and the mobile numerical control system, and the overall quenching of the workpiece is realized.
The Siemens system can realize precise control of the gap, and the precision deviation is ≤0.2mm. The whole set of equipment includes a set of beam and working cantilever, a set of heating load, and a set of integrated induction quenching liquid spray sensor.
Set up manual operation interface, flexible wire connection, can be extended to 1 meter away from the load, with power addition, subtraction, liquid spray cutting, access, heating cut, access, displacement handwheel and other operations, which is convenient for operators to adjust the product model. After the adjustment, the system will automatically record, and subsequent mass production will no longer be adjusted.
3. Main technical parameters of quenching machine tools
No. Category Requirements
1) Sensor movement positioning accuracy: ±0.05mm
2) Workpiece rotation speed :10-50RPM/min
3) Sensor moving speed: 0-5000mm/min
4) The maximum weight of the workpiece: 500kg
5) The maximum thickness of the workpiece: 100mm
6 )The depth of the hardened layer of the workpiece: ≥ 2.2mm (critical hardness value 40HRC)
7) Tooth groove hardened layer: ≥1.2mm (critical hardness value 40HRC)
8) Surface hardness after quenching: 50-60HRC
9) Workpiece quenching modulus range: 3-14
10) Workpiece diameter range: 300-1600mm
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Product parameters
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