Induction Quenching machine with Portable Coaxial transformer


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Induction Quenching machine with induction coils water supplying inside of Portable Coaxial transformer.
Much easier for moving from one place to another one, from one part of the workpiece to another.

TAG:   Transformer  Portableheater furnace induction heating machine  quenching  hardening
Product Features
Product parameters
1) Rated input:three - phase four - wire(earth wire 30mm²),380V±5%
2) Power supply frequency:50Hz
3) Rated output: 5~100kW;
4) output frequency:20~100kHz;
5) Output power factor:≥98%
6) Power output range:5%~100% 
7) working form :Suitable for intermittent and long term work;
8) Power supply cooling water pressure and flow:0.15Mpa~0.3Mpa,3T/h;
9) Cooling water temperature:25℃~35℃
10) Ambient temperature:+5℃ ~ +45℃

TAG:   Transformer  Portableheater furnace induction heating machine  quenching  hardening
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