30 KW Coaxial all-in-one machine

30 KW portable Coaxial all-in-one machine

Including induction heating power supply and water cooling system.


Adjustment of load frequency matching and impedance matching  

Under rated frequency condition, the natural frequency of the power supply requires the load to be slightly lower than the rated operating frequency of the power supply, which is the frequency matching between the power supply and the load.In addition, the power supply requires the rated voltage (the highest output voltage of the three-phase rectifier bridge is Vd=530 v) and the rated output current Id to be able to output the rated power, that is, the equivalent dc impedance =Vd/Id to be appropriate, and depends on the load parameters, which is the impedance match between the power supply and the load.

The capacitance of the series resonance circuit can be determined according to the output power of the power supply. Generally speaking, the total apparent power of the capacitor is equal to 4 ~ 6 times of the output power of the power supply. For example, if the output power of the power supply is 200KW, the capacity of the capacitor should be 1200KVA, and the capacity of the quenching transformer should be 3 ~ 4 times of the output power of the power supply.Then according to the geometry and size of inductor the turn ratio between the first stage of quenching transformer is selected empirically.

The power supply has load adaptive function. When the main power is off, after the load is adjusted, it is heated in the internal control mode of the power supply. The upper display automatically gives the matching state and resonant frequency of the load Operation procedure

1. Connect the cooling water to the water inlet, and make the pressure indicator of the water pressure greater than 0.15mpa. The compensation capacitor, quenching transformer and induction heater are connected to the cooling water.If necessary, the inductor shall be equipped with a special high pressure pump.

2. After the above steps are completed, power on the power supply to connect the main electric contactor, and operate the start and stop buttons on the power supply cabinet, or the start and stop signals given by the control part of the machine to control the power supply.

3. Disconnect the main power switch when the power is completely disabled after work.

  Maintenance and storage

1) before unpacking, the power supply shall be stored in the warehouse with air circulation, ambient temperature no higher than +40℃, no lower than -20℃, relative humidity no more than 85% and no corrosive gas.

2) when the power supply is stopped for a long time, the water in the cooling water system should be removed first.When the power supply is cold during use, it should pay attention to the heat preservation or cooling water circulation to prevent the freezing crack damage of each part of the cooling water.

3) power supply should be regularly remove dirt and oil, especially the dust may exist in the metal powder, remove careful not to damage the machine when the wire and components, regular check inside the cabinet and every electrical connection point of the load and the cooling water pipe is loose, so without signs of overheating discoloration, handle in time when problems found.

4) when the weather is wet or the water temperature is quite different from the room temperature, condensation on the surface of the power device should be prevented. The above phenomenon should be observed after cooling water, if condensation should be ventilated and blow-dried.

5)During the usage, please be calm to analyze and try to solve the fault phenomenon, then troubleshooting, please do not blindly open and move, as long as you understand the principle of power supply, with careful analysis and inspection, all kinds of faults are easy to eliminate. 


TAG:   Power supply  furnace

TAG:   Power supply  furnace
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TAG:   Power supply  furnace
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