30KW portable and small induction brazing machine


  DSP digital intelligent power supply parameters



Input voltage

380v/3 phase/50 hz

Rated power (standard configuration)


Power regulation range

5%-100%(Digital regulation)

power control accuracy


Oscillating frequency


Cable length


Power Factor


Work patter

5%-100%(Digital regulation)

Control core

High performance dsp processor

Controlling means

Internal control and remote control arbitrary switching

Operation interface

Industrial touch screen+ button

Communication interface


Cooling method

Combination of forced water cooling 

Machine size


Line hanger size

Height  2260mm

cross arm length 2300mm

Industrial chiller nominal cooling capacity


Industrial chiller Total input power


   30KW portable and small induction brazing machine

Touch screen version introduction

 30KW portable and small induction brazing machine

30KW portable and small induction brazing machine

(1)The main interface displays the power percentage setting, heating voltage, heating current, heating power, heating frequency, working  status, and load

matching indicating the power value that the current load can output, etc.

( 2 ) Control mode can be  selected on the parameter setting interface, including constant current/constant power control;Hardware control/software control;Power internal control/power remote control, etc.It can also display inverter parameters, frequency limit parameters, load parameters, resonant capacitor parameters, remote control mode and main control operating environment parameters, including working voltage of 5V, 3V and 1.5v, motherboard temperature and other data.

( 3 ) Interface for comprehensive recording of energy, temperature and equipment status

The interface temperature control and record need the support function of infrared thermometer temperature acquisition

This optional advanced function has the function of real-time monitoring the energy of the heated workpiece.

It has alarm function of over or under energy

With historical query function

The events occurred in the operation results, including operation, data parameters, failure, alarm, product batch, personnel number, etc., shall be recorded effectively

30KW portable and small induction brazing machine

(4)Alarm view interface

This interface has “fault display area”, “alarm record” and return button.

Fault display area:This area displays real-time faults. After troubleshooting, press the reset button on the panel and corresponding faults will disappear from this area

The alarm record:This area is the historical fault record and view area, which will record the name, time and alarm description of the previous fault alarm, so as to facilitate the view and analysis of the cause of the fault.The equipment has self-diagnosis function, and the customer can judge the fault location through the alarm description.