H-RB series laser fiber temperature sensor


The H-RB series temperature sensor is composed of infrared optical lens, filter fiber conduction, sensor and electrical signal processing unit, which can detect infrared radiation from the measured target and determine the target’s temperature according to its radiation intensity.

It provides 4-20mA current output and can be easily installed in a variety of applications, especially for installations requiring long distance and strong interference in industrial environments. The probe is made of stainless steel and has good protection capability in the industrial site.


Technical parameters

degree of protection:IP65(NEMA-4)

working power supply:24VDC

operating temperature:0-60℃

maximum load:500Ω(24VDC)

storage temperature:-20-80℃

 output signal:4-20mA

relative humidity:10-90%(Non-condensate)

Shell material:stainless steel

cable length:4m,Or custom

Measured parameters

spectral region:1.05/1.6/2.3/2.6/3.9μm

 temperature range:(50-2500℃ subsection)

H-RB series:(The temperature area can be customized in sections)


optical resolution:100-240:1(Standard focal length, close range optional)

Response time:10ms(95%)

temperature measurement accuracy:±0.5%( environment temperature23℃±5℃)

repeated accuracy:±0.2%(environment temperature23℃±5℃)

measuring distance:0.2-10m