Horizontal hardening machines tools

This machine tool is composed of base, bed, water tank, workpiece rotation system, transformer-inductor feed moving system, load platform adjustment system, workpiece tightening device, hardening spray system, liquid return system, lubrication system, error prevention system, electrical control system, operating system and other parts.

Product Features

1)Features of the machine tool:

 the structure of the hardening machine tool adopts the transformer-inductor servo movement, workpiece servo rotation CNC horizontal hardening machine, hardening transformer - inductor movement, workpiece rotation, spray water hardening while heating . When the relative position of the inductor and the workpiece needs to be adjusted, the moving platform can move forward and backward. The workpiece move speed can be set according to the process requirements during hardening. The workpiece rotation is controlled by servo motor, and the rotation speed can be adjusted. The surface of the main exposed parts is treated with special rust prevention, which has good rust prevention and corrosion resistance.

2)Introduction to numerical control system:

The CNC system of this machine tool is GSK-96 control system, with comprehensive functions, stable and reliable quality, and low failure rate. Adopt GSK-96 CNC control system to realize automatic control of hardening process program. LCD display, English interface, operation panel provides all the keys for CNC operation, programming and machine tool control actions. The operation, selection, deletion, modification, and transfer of process programs can be realized through the CNC keyboard. The system can store 200 parts hardening process programs. The system is equipped with offside protection. It has alarm diagnosis information function and high safety and reliability.

3)Transmission system introduction:

The transformer-inductor left and right transmission system is driven by servo motor and driven by helical rack and pinion to realize the left and right movement of the transformer-inductor, with high guiding precision and accurate positioning. The moving speed can be set by the numerical control system according to the technological requirements. The load system can also be moved back and forth to adjust the position of the inductor and the workpiece. The rotation system is driven by servo motor, and the rotation speed can be adjusted according to the process requirements of quenched parts. The components are anticorrosive and have good corrosion resistance and magnetic resistance.

4)Electrical control part:

Electrical control part is independently installed in the control cabinet. It consists of isolation transformer, LCD numerical control system, servo motor driver, server, intermediate relay, switching power supply and button, etc.

5)Operating system part: 

The operating system is independently installed in the electrical cabinet, which mainly includes GSK96 numerical control system, general electric switch, additional adjustment handwheel, start button, some manual operation knobs (heating, water spraying, rotation, etc.) and three-color lights (equipment working process indicator green, waiting process indicator yellow, abnormal state indicator red). The operation panel is equipped with an emergency stop button to realize emergency shutdown. This machine has automatic and manual functions. Set manual gear, automatic gear, second gear self-locking interchange. In order to facilitate manual commissioning of the machine, equipped with cantilever mobile independent operating panel.

6)The tank bottom of the machine tool is equipped with the function of hardening liquid collection tank, the entrance is provided with a stainless steel filter net, the box body is installed with a level controller, the outlet is provided with a water pump to pump hardening liquid to the external water tank.

7)The inlet and outlet joints of the cooling induction ring and connecting plate are quick-change joints, easy to replace and connect.

8The machine uses DC24V LED lighting inside, the lamp protection level is IP67, the brightness meets the industrial requirements.

9)The load platform is fixed on the bed at the back of the hardening position. The load adjustment adopts electric structure. The front and rear (300mm) motor drives the ball screw to adjust, which can be controlled.

Product parameters

Hardening machine tool technical parameters:








Horizontal hardening special

Machine tool form

Induction coil servo movement, workpiece servo rotation

Operating mode

Manual and automatic

Number of hardening stations


Hardening mode

spraying hardening

Workpiece clamping mode


Numerical control system

GSK 96

Maximum rotating diameter of workpiece






Maximum hardening workpiece length range






Maximum clamping workpiece length range






Maximum total workpiece weight






Moving speed of transformer inductor


Platform positioning accuracy


Rotating speed


Transformer adjusting frame


Transformer adjustment mode

electric control

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