Standard Intelligent and Digital Induction Heating Machine

Standard intelligent induction heating annealing and tempering machine 

Power range currently on sale: 30KW-500KW Power range that can be produced: 100W-2000KW

Frequency range currently on sale: 1KHz- 40KHz

Frequency range that can be produced: 0.5KHz-50KHz

Induction heat treatment
All kinds of auto parts, motorcycles, hardware, gears, sprockets, steam, hydraulic parts and other metal parts for local or general use. High frequency induction heating machine

 hardening (quenching), induction annealing, induction tempering;
Induction forging
Whole and partial forging of small workpieces and hot heading, hot rolling of twist drill;
Induction welding
All kinds of turning tools, woodworking tools, soldering tip, saw blade, steel pipe, copper pipe welding, the same kind of metal welding.
Metal induction melting
Induction melting of gold, silver, copper, iron, aluminum and other metals (in vacuum), injection molding and evaporation coating;
Other Applications
Semiconductor single crystal growth, induction shrinking, bottle neck heat sealing, toothpaste skin heat sealing, powder coating, metal implanted plastic, etc.

Induction heat treatment solution

Product Features

Standard intelligent high frequency induction heating machine


Save energy

Full digital frequency tracking technology allows the IGBT to constantly operate in the zero open state, the inverter power factor always remains above 95%. Due to the composite structure of the motherboard, the entire inverter unit does not need to be replaced on the return journey, the efficiency of the inverter is greatly improved.


High precision control

High design resolution: control resolution up to 0.025%. High control speed: The response speed of the control system is at the nanosecond level with high control accuracy, namely 0.0000000000006 seconds.


Stability is good

High repetition accuracy: There will be no power offset during cumulative triggering. Good anti-interference: The stability of temperature, humidity and power voltage is good, and the change will not affect the equipment.


Cost is low

It uses uncontrolled rectifier, inverter to regulate power, simple topology under normal heating conditions, realizes the characteristics of the fewest number of devices and simple structure, and effectively controls the cost of the whole machine.

Standard smart power supply for induction heating - compared to traditional analog circuits


Good consistency

High repetition accuracy: There will be no power offset during cumulative triggering. Good anti-interference performance: changes in temperature, humidity, line voltage will not affect the equipment.


Long service life

Long service life of cabinet design: Fully sealed design, at the same time using strict anti-corrosion treatment, so that the service life of the cabinet is much longer than similar products on the market. Long service life of main components: All main components are made of imported products, some components meet military standards. The control circuit design is durable: the control board is made of high quality PCB, the control chip is consistent.


Low failure rate

The maintenance frequency for new products covered by warranty is extremely low.


Good scalability

Rich external interface and high ductility are the most important characteristics of intelligent induction heating power supply.

Standard smart power supply for induction heating - compared to other manufacturers' digital power supplies


Uses high speed DSP chip

It has extremely high noise immunity, and the operating speed is 10 times faster than the traditional microprocessor, which effectively ensures high performance and stable operation of the equipment.


Apply Rittal cabinet with imitation aluminum-zinc plate

The service life of the equipment cabinet has been significantly increased, in addition to imitating Rittal design to make the equipment more beautiful.


Laminated motherboard is used to ensure the stability of the inverter

Multi-layer bus with patented technology can effectively reduce the distributed inductance on the DC bus to reduce the peak load of the inverter and greatly increase the service life of the inverter.


Fiber Optic Transmission

The problem of induction heating power subject to electromagnetic interference is completely solved to ensure signal transmission consistency and stability.

Product parameters

Standard Intelligent Induction Heating Machine for Annealing and Tempering Hardening Heat Treatment 

Whats is Induction heating?

Induction heating is fast, precise, clean, energy-efficient, digital and
repeatable. Even more important,  we’ve figured out how to use this
amazing technology for practically any industrial heating application.

What's the Application?


Induction is used to harden numerous components.
Here are just a few of them: gears, crankshafts,
camshafts, drive shafts, output shafts, torsion bars,
rocker arms, CV joints, tulips, valves, rock drills, and
slewing rings, as well as inner and outer races.

Induction tempering is widely employed in the
automotive industry to temper surface-hardened
components such as shafts, bars and joints. The
process is also used in the tubes and pipes industry
to temper through-hardened workpieces. 
3) Brazing 

Our brazing systems can be used for virtually any brazing tasks. Such as used in the electro- technical industry to braze generator
and transfomers components like bars, strands, rings,
wires and SC-rings. They also braze copper pipes of the Air conditioner, refrigirator and brake parts for the automotive industry.
The aeronautics sector uses induction to braze fan blades, blades for casings, and fuel and hydraulic systems. 

4) Bonding

Induction is the preferred bonding method in the
automotive industry. Widely used to bond steel and
aluminium sheet metal, induction is increasingly
employed to bond new lightweight composite and
carbon fiber materials. Induction heating machiner is used to bond
curved strands, brake shoes and magnets in the
electrotechnical industry. what's more, It is also used for guides,
rails, shelves and panels in the white goods sector.



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