Vertical type Hardening machine tool

General overview: This machine tool is a vertical CNC hardening machine tool. The Z-axis workpiece moves up and down, The A-axis rotates the workpiece table 360°. It can complete functions such as fixed-point timing overall hardening of shafts, continuous scanning hardening, segmented positioning

Scope of application: It is suitable for induction hardening of various shafts. It is widely used in the field of induction heat treatment in automobiles, tractors, textiles, military engineering machinery and other industries. It is suitable for the hardening of single and batch workpieces, with reasonable structure, complete functions and easy operation.

Product Features

Numerical control hardening machine tools structure characteristics:

The machine tool is composed parts: base, bed, load platform system,  worktable rotary chuck system, counterweight system, lubrication system, electrical control system and operating system.

1)The base and the bed body are fixed as one, a linear guide rail is fixed on the bed body, and the slide plate moves on the bed body through the linear bearing and the linear guide rail. The machine tool adopts a welded bed structure and A3 steel structure. The response force after welding is completed. It is processed on a large gantry milling machine to ensure long-term stability of the size.

2)The counterweight system includes sprockets, chains, counterweight brackets, and counterweights to balance the weight of the slide and the workpiece, balance the force of the ball screw, increase the running speed, and extend the service life.

3)This machine tool has an automatic centralized lubrication system.

4)The electrical control part is mainly composed of isolation transformer, numerical control system, servo drive, frequency converter, switching power supply and buttons. The box body is integrated with the bed body, the overall appearance is beautiful, and there are no exposed wires, which reduces the interference of intermediate frequency electromagnetic waves and greatly improves the stability of the system.

5)The operating system is independently hung on the left and right sides of the machine, mainly including the Guangzhou CNC GSK-96 system, the main electric switch, the additional adjustment handwheel, the start button, some manual operation knobs (heating, water spray, rotation, etc.) and three-color lights, The operation interface is simple and clear.

6)The drive system of the worktable and load platform is driven by a servo motor (Guangzhou CNC), and the ball screw drive is driven. The ball screw is driven to rotate through the transmission mechanism to realize the lifting movement of the platform. The guiding precision is high, the positioning is accurate, and the moving speed can be according to the process requirements. Set by CNC system. The workpiece speed is also set by the CNC system.

7)The mechanical structure of the machine tool adopts reasonable and advanced design. Both the main and auxiliary guide rails use linear bearings, which have high precision, small friction, long life and corrosion resistance. The ball screw is used as the transmission component, which has high rotation speed, wear resistance, excellent performance and reliable quality.

8)The machine tool is equipped with a protective water tank structure. The sheet metal in the splashing part is treated with anti-rust treatment, which is beautiful in appearance and easy to operate.

9)This machine tool has automatic and manual functions. Set manual gear, automatic gear, two gear interchange.

10)The CNC system of this machine tool is GSK-96 control system, with comprehensive functions, stable and reliable quality, and low failure rate. Adopt GSK-96 CNC control system to realize automatic control of hardening process program. LCD display, English interface, operation panel provides all the keys for CNC operation, programming and machine tool control actions. The operation, selection, deletion, modification, and transfer of process programs can be realized through the CNC keyboard. The system can store 200 parts hardening process programs. The system is equipped with offside protection. It has alarm diagnosis information function and high safety and reliability.

11)The machine tool is set with three-color lights, the equipment working process indicates green, the waiting process indicates yellow, and the abnormal state indicates red.

12)The control box is equipped with work lights and power sockets and other convenient maintenance facilities.

13)An emergency stop button is provided on the operation panel of the CNC system to achieve emergency stop.

Product parameters

Hardening machine tools technical parameters:








 CNC hardening machine tools

Machine form

workpiece moves up and down

Workpiece table rotation

numerical control system


Operating mode

Manual and automatic

Number of quenching stations

2 A axis servo + frequency conversion rotation auxiliary station

Workpiece lifting repeated positioning accuracy






The platform is suitable for workpiece rotary diameter range






Maximum load of machine tool






Transformer - inductor up and down travel






movement speed


Transformer regulating frame


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