A complete set of CNC induction Hardening Machine tools for Shafts and gears heat treatment


The CNC disc&shaft quenching/hardening machine tool is used for CNC High frequency induction heating machine heating, and the workpiece rotation adopts servo positioning and rotation. The up- and-down movement of the workpiece is driven by a servo motor, driven by a ball screw, guided by a linear guide rail, and a linear bearing. Edit the machine tool’s automatic running action and process control action through the CNC program.

A complete set of CNC induction Hardening Machine tools for Shafts and gears heat treatment

The bed of the machine tool is welded by section steel structure, which has high strength, good rigidity, and stable and reliable operation.

 The control system adopts numerical control system, the operation is easy to learn, and the performance is stable and reliable. Rotation control adopts well-known domestic frequency converter, which is stepless adjustable.

 The general-purpose quenching machine tool for disk and shaft is a new type of general-purpose quenching machine for disk and shaft. It combines the two advantages of large diameter of disk and height of shaft to realize the production of disk products, wheels and ring gears. The overall cooling and quenching of the immersion liquid can also realize the scanning liquid spray quenching process of shafts

Model: KCP-4010

Technical parameters: (can be customized according to the product)

Maximum quenching length: 400mm

Work piece vertical running speed: 0-3000mm/min

Maximum work piece diameter: can be customized

Control accuracy: 0.1mm

Maximum work piece weight: 500kg

CNC system (can be customized according to the product)


The machine tool is composed of bed, control cabinet, quenching load adjustment platform, immersion liquid spray system, overflow system, CNC lifting turntable, cooling water circulation system, transmission system, etc. The work piece rotation, lifting and rotating system is controlled by frequency conversion motor or servo control, and the lifting is driven by servo motor and driven by synchronous belt. The machine tool is easy to operate, and the shaft and disc products are connected to water, which is convenient for use and operation.

A complete set of CNC induction Hardening Machine tools for Shafts and gears heat treatment


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