Automobile anti-collision beam tube heat treatment production line

Process flow
   The steel pipe heat treatment production line has dual-channel operation, which can be operated under centralized control or independent operation by channel control, which is convenient for operation and conversion.
   After the ‘tube products’ are manually put into the material, the loading table sends the workpiece to the production line conveyor belt, and the production line automatically completes the smooth transportation, rotation, heating-cooling (quenching), conveying, heating (tempering), and cooling of the workpiece , Unloading and other functions, without manual operation in the process (after the adjustment of the production line), it is a fully automatic steel pipe quenching and tempering production line.
   Quenching coolant is automatically filtered and circulated, and has functions such as alarm or shutdown for over-operation conditions (such as overload, over-temperature, workpiece loss speed, failure).
Production line introduction:
1. Production speed: 6m-8m/min
2. The mechanical rotation and transmission parts of the equipment should be flexible and reliable. The noise and heat generated by the parts in the movement meet the requirements of product accuracy and national mechanical equipment industry standards. All equipment and components have reached the service life specified by the industry;
3. The components of strong and weak electrical appliances should be safe and durable, and fully comply with relevant national technical standards;
4. One-button quick start working mode of the production line, the operation panel display screen, all related instruments (interface) 'man-machine dialogue', using Chinese interface.
5. Possess the production line 'double station' integrated operation or split operation function, and at the same time has the split operation function of each module equipment;
6. The production line has the alarm or shutdown function of each module over operating conditions (such as overload, over temperature, workpiece loss speed, failure);
7. The production line has the function of 'intermittent quenching', and the control error is not more than 5mm;
8. The production line is equipped with maintenance sockets and lighting lamps. The external power cable is required to be routed reasonably and neatly, and the cable (or copper bar) entrance is located at the bottom (or top) of the power supply;
9. The appearance of the production line should be beautifully designed, adopt a 'box-type' structure, and meet the requirements of heat dissipation and convenient maintenance. The color of the equipment shall be based on the color plate provided by the purchaser manufacturer (except for safety signs);
10. After the entire production line is running, there is no leakage (electricity, gas, quenching liquid, coolant, oil), etc. The liquid and airflow direction signs are prominently displayed in each pipeline, and the water inlet and outlet pipes adopt quick head change, which is convenient for connection; secondary cooling Pressure gauges and temperature gauges should be installed in all water pipes to monitor the water pressure and temperature;
11. The main pipe of the water cooling part of the power supply is made of copper pipes to reduce the generation of scale. The water pipe connections all use 3/8 copper triple quick joints, which are convenient for maintenance.
12. The design, manufacture, and installation of the production line should conform to national and industry regulations, and must meet the requirements of safe production. Safety protection devices must be added for parts with hidden safety hazards, and notices must be clearly indicated.
Product Features

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Induction heat treatment

All kinds of auto parts, motorcycles, hardware tools, gears, sprockets, steam, hydraulic parts and other metal parts of the local or overall induction hardening(quenching), induction annealing, induction tempering;
Induction forging
Integral and partial forging of small work piece and hot upsetting hot rolling of twist drill;
Induction welding
All kinds of turning tool, woodworking tool, brazing tip, saw blade saw tooth, steel pipe, copper pipe welding, the same kind of metal welding.
Metal induction melting
Gold, silver, copper, iron, aluminum and other metals (vacuum) induction melting, casting molding and evaporation coating;
Other applications
Semiconductor single crystal growth, induction shrink fitting, bottle mouth heat sealing, toothpaste skin heat sealing, powder coating, metal implanted plastic, etc


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