Complete set of equipment for quenching the inner wall of concrete pump pipe


Complete set of equipment for quenching inner wall of concrete pump pipe:

range of work : Diameter 125mm~150mm

Processing length:200mm~3500mm

working efficiency :10pcs/H(Subject to 3000mm pipe)

If the customer has special requirements, can be customized production.

1. Brief introduction:
At present, the concrete pump pipes in our country generally adopt two kinds of materials: 20# steel or alloy structural steel,In the process of production, because of the wear of concrete to the inner wall, the service life of these two kinds of steel pipes is very short, which is very wasteful.

According to the market demand, Zhengzhou Kechuang Electronics Co., Ltd has developed the quenching machining center of the inner wall of concrete pump pipe.

By quenching the inner wall of pipeline, the hardness of inner wall can reach HRC58-62.,And the pipeline outside has good plasticity, which can increase the service life of the pipeline by three times, and has a very high performance-price ratio.,For the use of our equipment pipeline production enterprises to bring rich profits. Purchase of our equipment within half a year can be recovered equipment investment, pipeline production enterprise product upgrading is the ideal choice.

2. Machining center standard configuration:
1、IGBT Super audio power supply 1set
2、Numerical control quenching machine 1set
3、Closed water cooling equipment  1set
4、Infrared closed loop temperature control system  1set
5、integrated console  1set
6、Special High frequency induction heating machine coil support 1pc
7、Special induction coil  3pcs


3. List of machining center configurations:

Serial number Product Advantages and necessity Technical parameter
1 Horizontal machine tool ①   Handling convenience;
②   Ball screw, high precision;
③   Good stability, long life.
①Workpiece rotation speed
0~400 rpm / min;
③speed of travel :0-6m/min
2 Intelligent central console ①   Central microprocessor and PLC centralized control;
②   The degree of automation is high, and one key operation can be accomplished.
③   Centralized control, easy to operate, not easy to make mistakes, high product qualified rate.
Can be preset up to 100 programs, process planning storage more scientific.
3 Infrared closed loop temperature control system ①   Control the operation of a system (speed, power, etc) by temperature
,The difference between the actual temperature and the required temperature is avoided due to the fluctuation of the grid voltage, the artificial factors and the intensity of the light, so as to ensure the consistency of the heating temperature and the absolute consistency of the product quality.
②   High precision of temperature control,Up to ±10 ℃
①Temperature range:
②temperature measurement accuracy:±5℃
③repeatability precision :±0.5%
④response time
⑤Aiming: laser aiming at a 2 level laser with a maximum output power of 1 Mw, 650nm
4 Special IGBT heating Power supply ①Energy saving 50% than electronic tube, 20 %energy saving than silicon control, power consumption per ton of steel tube is no more than 300 degrees
②Small size, convenient movement, no high voltage, no radiation, no harm to operators;
③ The hardened layer is controllable, the depth is suitable and the qualified rate of the product is very high. The problems such as shallow hardened layer of electronic tube equipment, short life of tube, deep hardened layer of silicon controlled equipment and high waste rate of easily exploding tube are solved thoroughly.
④   The equipment has high reliability and strong stability.
①input voltage :Three phase 380V 50HZ
②oscillation frequency :20-40KHZ
③Oscillation frequency adaptive load, power factor as high as 95%;
④With water shortage, lack of phase, over-voltage, over-current and other automatic protection devices.
5 Closed circulating water cooling equipment ① Corrosion resistance, closed cooling, high temperature control accuracy;
② No scale, impurity hazard;
③ Less water, less land;
④The quenching medium temperature is constant;
⑤ Constant flow pressure of quenching medium, high consistency of quenching process.
①refrigerating output:180600kcal/h
②working pressure
③Two sets of systems including equipment cooling and quenching medium
6 Special induction coil support ① Coaxial design with minimum loss;
② Multi-point support, no deformation, long life;
③ Quick joint, easy to operate;
④ Special copper with high mechanical and electrical properties;
Length 4m
7 Induction coil ① Special manufacture, side heating while spraying water, pump tube deformation is minimal;
② Easy to replace and low cost.