Difference and Advantage of Induction Brazing and Flame Brazing


Difference and Advantage of Induction Brazing and Flame Brazing

Difference and Advantage of Induction Brazing and Flame Brazing

Difference and Advantage of Induction Brazing and Flame Brazing

Induction brazing is to place the metal work piece to be welded (usually copper is mostly) in an High frequency induction heating machine coil, pass high-frequency alternating current to generate an induced electromagnetic field, couple the induced electromotive force on the surface of the work piece, and form an induced eddy current on the metal surface, which is generated on the metal surface. The eddy current heats up, and solder powder is generally applied to the welding part, and the welding can be done when the work piece reaches the melting temperature of the solder.


Induction brazing, also called induction brazing, has many advantages compared to welding by flame or in an oven. The fast, accurate, repeatable heating and reliable features of this process make it popular.

The principle of flame welding

The high-temperature flame produced by the mixture of combustible gas and combustion-supporting gas is used to melt the part to be welded, and by filling the molten pool with filler materials, the molten metal forms a common molten pool, which continuously moves forward with the heat source , The part leaving the heat source begins to cool, the molten pool solidifies, and finally a weld is formed.

Flame welding, also known as gas welding, uses a flame in which combustible gas and oxygen (or compressed air) are mixed and burned for heating and welding.


Difference and advantage of induction brazing and flame brazing

The welding process is equipmentized to reduce the dependence on manual technology, and ordinary operators can replace the certified flame welders.

In the case of small workpieces and fewer pipes, the advantages of induction brazing are not obvious. However, the induction brazing welding process is the automatic welding of the equipment, no manual operation is required, and the welding time can be used to operate another equipment, which can further increase the output.

Advantages of induction brazing


1. The heating is uniform and stable;

2. The process is accurate and repeatable;

3. Induction brazing has the highest safety;

4. Minimize energy demand;

5. The operation is simple and safe;

6. The porosity and weak solder joints can be reduced to a minimum;

7. The cold solder joints are reduced to a minimum.