Energy-saving Induction Melting Furnace


Smelting Furnace is the metallurgical process in which metal materials and other auxiliary materials are put into the heating furnace to melt, and the furnace charge has certain physical and chemical changes.

Induction heating for smelting has the characteristics of high efficiency, high power factor, good controllability, automation and safe operation.

Induction heating smelting is the process by which an alternating current is passed through the High frequency induction heating machine coil to heat and melt the burden in the furnace and reheat the liquid metal to the desired temperature.

Induction heating melting aluminum furnace is an advanced and efficient smelting equipment, which makes use of electromagnetic field eddy current principle smelting, greatly improving the electrical efficiency. It is a symbol of China’s industrial progress in recent years. With the progress of induction heating technology, smelting becomes simple and reliable.

Induction heating power smelting application: gold, silver, copper, aluminum, semiconductor materials smelting.

Induction heating power smelting frequency selection: frequency selection mainly depends on the capacity of the equipment furnace, small capacity, high frequency, large capacity, low frequency.

Selection of melting power of induction heating power supply: the power of melting equipment depends on crucible capacity and melting rate.

Induction machine Main features:
Compare with traditional heating ways, (oil,coal,gas), it with the advantage of environment friendly.
Save 15-30% electricity than traditional SCR/KGPS furnaces
Save 50-60% electricity than resistance heat treatment furnace
With the feature of heating rapidly, heating uniform, without oxidization layer and high quality
Accurately control of induction hardening depth
IGBT power supply, 100% start up success
IGBT power inverter, power factor >95%
IGBT power inverter, long use life and stable function.