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How to finish welding with high frequency induction heating equipment in special environment?


Generally, it is common for industrial enterprises to weld with high frequency High frequency induction heating machine heating equipment in regular factories, While there are many welding processes have to be done outside; For example, welding inside containers, working at high altitude, in the open air or in other special environments.

Under the welding.In addition to general safety techniques, special regulations must be followed when welding in these places.

I. Welding technology in containers

(1) When welding and cutting in sealed containers, tanks, barrels and cabins, the holes and holes of the welder’s crops should be opened to ensure internal air circulation.

In order to prevent welder poisoning, scald, if necessary, should be set up special person supervision.

(2) High frequency induction heating equipment must be illuminated by 12V lamps in the operation of the window, and the bulb must be protected by metal mesh cover.Inside the window is not

Electric welding shall be performed.

(3) All replacement welding and repair operations with pressure and no replacement welding and repair operations must go through fire approval procedures, formulate on-site safety measures and implement supervision responsibilities

Any system can be implemented before the welding operation.

Two, high altitude work welding technology

(1) when working at a height, in order to protect the people below from being burned by falling molten drops and slag, or accidentally falling metal


(2) the working platform for welding should ensure that the welder can flexibly and conveniently weld all kinds of space positions.

(3) When the high-frequency induction heating equipment encounters rain, fog, snow, cold weather and dry cold, it should follow the special specifications for welding work.

Welder’s workplace should be protected from bad weather.

Open air or field operation welding technology

(1) in the summer work in the open air, there must be a windproof canopy or temporary awning.

(2) When the high-frequency induction heating equipment works in the open air, attention should be paid to the wind direction and the blown molten iron and slag should not hurt people.