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IGBT Medium Frequency power supply


IGBT Medium Frequency Power Supply

Purpose: this power supply is mainly used for melting and heat preservation of steel, cast iron and copper. It is also suitable for heat treatment (such as quenching, tempering, annealing, etc.).

Main Technical Parameters:

1. Power supply: 50KW-400KW

2. Service frequency: 500HZ-10000HZ

Equipment Features:

IGBT is due to the rapid development of science and technology. In 1994, it was first put into production by American billa company. In recent years, several advanced foreign countries have been able to produce 500A/1700V IGBT transistors.Then IGBT transistor medium frequency power supply appeared.

This new intermediate frequency power supply, using a series resonance circuit, the control circuit is integrated, very easy to start, operation.Reliable operation, low failure rate, low maintenance cost.Its rectifying part is a three-phase full-bridge rectifying circuit, which does not produce high order harmonics (no interference to the power grid), so the power supply transformer does not generate heat, reducing unnecessary losses and saving more than 25% energy than KGPS.The biggest advantage of this new type of power supply is to save electric energy, increase output (melting time is short, power output is big), improve product quality, reduce production cost.Therefore, it is the update product of the old model KGPS series thyristor intermediate frequency power.

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