Medium Frequency Induction Forging Equipment


1. Technique data:

Power range: 30KVA—1000KVA

Frequency range: 0.1KHz—20KHz

Medium Frequency Induction Forging Equipment

2. Features:

(1). Adopts series resonance technique, High frequency induction heating machine coil output high voltage and small current, resonance circuit loss is average lower 25 times than parallel resonance, whole machine save energy 10-20%. It saves energy 50% and more than old fashion medium machine. It is the most save electric heating equipment in domestic at present.

(2). Induction furnace adopts thermal insulation, keep temperature, insulation technique processing, not only heat loss minimum, and greatly reduces the sensor maintenance cost. Induction coil structure is simple, easy maintenance, the abandonment of traditional casting process, won’t have crack and scrap.

(3). The 12 pulse technology thorough solve the induction heating machine pollution problem to power network.

(4). Improve coil voltage and save energy, at the same time, adopts patent technology solved throughtly for the coil voltage high lead in flint fault, bringing unsafe factors.

(5). Integration design, compact structure, simple operation.

(6). bar could heat to Φ300mm, the furnace and core temperature controlled.

(7). It has finished forging to copper, aluminium,etc.

(8). Configure automatic feeding, feed, sorting, fast material,etc, it can realize automation control.