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Rotating support raceway and gear induction quenching equipment


Quenching part requirements


1) Quenching part: continuous scanning and quenching of the inner and outer raceway of the bearing, and High frequency induction heating machine quenching of the single tooth of the tooth part.


2) Quenching parts technical specifications.


Maximum diameter range of quenching parts: 300-5000mm.


Maximum quenching part height: 400mm.


Maximum hardened part weight: 5000Kg.


Induction quenching equipment process planning


1) According to the requirements of the slewing bearing induction quenching technology, the structure of transformer lifting motion, radial feed and transverse motion is adopted, and the turntable is driven by servo motor to rotate, which can realize the functions of automatic gear indexing and automatic gear indexing.Continuous raceway scanning quenching.The machine tool has better universality.


2) The main machine adopts the gantry structure, and the horizontal slide platform is set on the beam to realize the radial motion of the inductor.The moving beam is designed with the lifting and lateral movement of the inductor, which can realize the lifting and lateral movement of the inductor.The induction heating load is designed to be installed on the lateral moving slide table.


3) The transformer/inductance is driven by servo motor, ball screw and servo motor.The moving rail is linear and can precisely control the moving position.


4) The induction heating power supply adopts 200Kw / 4-10khz parallel resonant all-digital IGBT transistor power supply, and is equipped with a set of induction heating load, which can be used with inductors of different structures.Through load matching and adjustment, the best heating effect can be achieved.