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What should be noticed when the sensor parts are brazed together?


Inductor conductive parts are generally composed of pure copper plate, tube or workpiece.The brazing joint requirements of these parts are as follows:


1) The joint has good mechanical properties.


2) Water part generally requires seals.In the process of brazing, the cross-sectional area of water shall not be reduced, that is, the welding overflow shall not occur on the inner surface of the weld.


3) The brazing surface should be clean and beautiful.


The essence of brazing is to fill the solder between two metal base materials, the base material is not melting, and the solder is melting.Therefore, the melting point of the solder must be lower than the melting point of the base material.The role of flux is to prevent oxidation, reduce liquid surface tension, increase wetting and fluidity, brazing process, flux and copper oxide combined into good fluidity slag, floating on the surface of the pool.The flux mainly consists of borax (Na2B4O7) and boric acid (H3BO3).


There are two forms of brazing welds. The first is the weld with capillary action, which is the best form. At this point, the gap between the two welding surfaces must be kept between 0.1 ~ 0.2mm, in order to have a strong capillary action, so that the welding fluid penetrates into the deeper gap.


The second form of brazing is to fill the weld with solder. At this time, the weld is very thick and reaches more than 1mm. The strength of this weld is also the strength of the solder.Weld thickness is easy to produce loose, porosity and other defects.