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Characteristics of induction quenching machine tools


The characteristics of High frequency induction heating machine quenching machine are as follows:


1) The machine can only bear electromagnetic induction, not cutting load, so it is basically running without load.Spindle drive requires small power, but the no-load stroke requires fast, in order to reduce maneuver time and improve productivity.


2) The machine tool is adjacent to the inductor, bus and transformer, because of the action of high and medium frequency electromagnetic field, so it is required to keep a certain distance, and should be made of non-metal or non-magnetic materials.If the metal frame is adjacent to the electromagnetic field, it shall be made into an open-circuit structure to prevent the generation of eddy current and heat.


3) Anti-rust and anti-splash structure.Where the quenching cooling medium can splash the guide rail, guide column, bracket, bed frame and other parts, should be considered rust or splash prevention measures.Therefore, quenching machine parts, using stainless steel, aluminum alloy, bronze, plastic manufacturing more, protection cover, splash glass door is indispensabl