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How to improve the service life of magnetic permeability?


The main cause of magnetospheric damage is overheating.Therefore, in order to improve the service life of the magnetorter, how to make the magnetorter not overheat is the key to improve the service life of the magnetorter, in addition to avoiding the damage of mechanical force, corrosion and electric short circuit.


1) For silicon steel sheet, the lamination thickness must be selected correctly.


2) For machined magnetic permeability, different brands have different frequency ranges and corresponding insulations, so it is necessary to choose the right brand.


3) The fitting gap between the magnetic conductor and the copper pipe is the key to the cooling of the magnetic conductor, which is often neglected by many users. Because the design data of last century stipulated that 1mm thick mica pieces should be put between the silicon steel sheet and the copper pipe as an insulating layer, the thermal conductivity between the silicon steel sheet and the copper pipe is small.Later, western countries adopted a thin adhesive layer as the insulation layer, which is often less than 0.3mm thick, so the heat on the permeability can be quickly carried away by the copper tube, so that the permeability does not overheat.Accordingly, the gap between the magnetic permeability and copper tube and the performance of the adhesive (thermal conductivity, expansion coefficient, viscosity, etc.) is also concerned, the gap value is best controlled in 0.1-0.2mm, the adhesive is recommended to use epoxy50-3100 with 105 curing agent, temperature up to 205℃, its viscosity, thermal conductivity and temperature resistance are better.The permeability must be close to the copper tube without any gap.


4) External cooling.Such as silicon steel plate sandwiched in the middle of the heat dissipation copper plate, can be processed magnetic body as a spray, etc., but also can not affect the heating part temperature, on the magnetic body dripping heat dissipation.


5) Prevent corrosion of magnetic permeability.At present, the more simple method is to apply a layer of epoxy resin or other adhesives on the silicon steel sheet bundle as a protective film, can be processed magnetic conductivity after cutting, a phosphating treatment helps to improve its surface insulation performance, ferrite magnetic conductivity does not need to be coated with another protective film.