DSP80KW Portable Induction Welding Machine with HHT

DSP induction heating power supply adopts IGBT chip, and the main inverter circuit is
controlled separately. The intelligent digital induction heating power supply has a
high-speed core processor of 100 megabytes, which can calculate and process all
digital signals. The signal Uses optical fiber transmission, in the transmission process,
the loss of the signal is small, no error signal without distortion, enhance the stability
of the control circuit. DSP core control board can be extended up to 12 fiber signals.
 Leading technology:
The full digital intelligent power supply is controlled by DSP processor, and the control process, data operation, parameter storage
and other aspects of the system are all processed in digital form by using digital
control technology. Environmental changes such as temperature changes will
not affect the internal processing process and results of the system.
1. Intelligent protection system Condition of power supply in normal work,
if suddenly will automatically latch fault alarm, at this time, all kinds of
protection and fault alarm signal, such as: light capacitor, power cabinet to open
the door, IGBT power speed protection, diode special protection, over voltage,
over current, lack of phase, water flow, water temperature and other protection,
to ensure that the equipment is reliable and durable.
2. Powerful communication function Rs485/232 interface is reserved to
exchange data with external controller (industrial computer, industrial touch
screen, laptop, etc.) or central control room.
3. Fault self-diagnosis and online processing When there is an alarm due
to wrong operation or special working condition, the touch screen will display
the fault content, and click the corresponding fault help to query the
corresponding fault solution.
4. Signal transmission USES fiber transmission The electromagnetic
environment inside the power supply cabinet is complex, and the transmission
of weak electric signals (such as drive signals, protection signals, feedback
signals, etc.) is prone to electromagnetic interference, while light is not affected
by the electromagnetic environment. Therefore, these important signals are
transmitted by optical fiber, which improves the overall stability and reliability of
the equipment
Product Features



Input voltage

380v/3 phase/50 hz

Rated         power        (standard



Power regulation range

5%-100%Digital regulation

power control accuracy


Oscillating frequency


Power Factor


work pattern

Constant current, constant power arbitrary choice

Control core

High performance dsp processor

controlling means

Internal     control     and     remote     control     arbitrary


Operation interface

Industrial touch screen+ button

communication interface



Product parameters
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