80KW Portable Air cooling Induction Heating Machine

Rack plate weld preheat &PWHT

Railway Bridge steel structure weld preheat

Bridge steel structure weld preheat

Railway track welding preheating

Ship board weld joint preheating

Cutter head of shield machine weld joint heating

Pipeline heating before welding

Pipeline weld heating

Steel plate weld preheat

Bucket weld preheat 120℃ and PWHT 400℃

Oil &Gas Pipeline Coating Preheat and Weld Preheat



Air cooling induction heating machine parameters:

Product Features

 1) PWHT-post weld heat treatment

Steel sheet weld preheating&PWHT

Post weld heat treatment of electric power pipeline

Petroleum Pipeline PWHT

Rack plate weld preheat &PWHT

Hydrogen and stress removing after welding of boiler

Press vessel weld preheat and PWHT

Pipe flange weld joint heat treatment

Roll surfacing weld preheat and heat treatment

Valve surfacing post weld heat treatment

Pipe Stress relieving  

Bucket  PWHT 400℃

railway track PWHT 680℃

boiler pipeline PWHT 680℃

engine PWHT 680℃

Stainless steel pipeline PWHT Equipment 750℃


2).Pipeline coating preheat Onshore pipeline coating heat

Pipeline coating preheat

Offshore pipeline coating preheat


3).Assembly and disassembly preheat

Turbine shaft assembly and disassembly preheat

Generator rotor assembly and disassembly preheat

Retaining ring removing heating

Thermal Assembly and Dis-assembly -Motor Rotor, Shaft Coupling, Bearing, Gear


4).Reactor heating

Rubber oil refining reaction kettle heating

Oil and gas chemical reaction kettle heating-Explosion-proof chassis

5).Liquid heating

Industrial water heating and insulation - factory warm heating

Reaction gas pipeline heating

Boiler pipeline material heating and insulation

Industrial oil tank heating and heat preservation

Drinking water heating and insulation in food processing company

Product parameters

80KW air cooling High frequency induction heating machine heating machine for Weld preheat 

and post weld heat treatment as well as shrink fitting

Induction heat treatment solution

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