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How to select power supply


Induction Heating machine Selection

Mistake area 1, see power only, do not see frequency.In standard parts, fasteners and other diathermy, when heating workpiece Φ 20 mm in diameter, should choose medium frequency equipment, while still use the high frequency machine which will cause artifacts “flow” and “dirty” inside outside (commonly known as “opaque”), not only the equipment efficiency to sell at a discount greatly, also can reduce the die life and even cause mold damage, virtually increased costs.

Error two, only see the output, do not see the input power, that is, the power factor.Ignoring the equipment efficiency and power consumption factors, For example, the same machine is 80, but the input power is 80KVA, the output power is 80KW, but the efficiency of the equipment is very different, although it can also complete the heating requirements, but the power consumption makes users complain.The output of 80KW equipment input power is as high as 120KVA.

Error three, only see the model, not see the power.


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