Induction heating Machine For Solar Vacuum Tube Heating


Induction Heating Machine for Solar Vacuum Tube: 
1. Complete solid-state circuit, high efficiency transform and save-energy, protect environment; 
2. Small volume, light weight, convenient to move 
3. High integration level, protect function complete to non-maintenance development. 
4. Full digital operation, easy study and quality is stabilizer than before. 
5. Frequency is high and heating speed is quickly; 
6. Frequency band is wide and adjust in 200-300KHz; 
7. Powe is adjust formlessness, barium metal full spread and mirror surface quality is higher. 
8. Easy to operation, no charge process and high voltage.

Solar vacuum tube baking production line

1.Technique data: 
Input power: 1-16KVA or 1-40KVA (can adjust by requirement); 
Output frequency: 100-300KHz
Power: Three phases 380V 
Cool ways: Cooling 
Water pressure: 0.15-0.3Mpa
Duty cycle: 100%

Equipment advantage

1. The equipment frequency of our company is 200 – 300KHz , it is suitable for separately heating the barium metal , so that the barium metal is completely diffused and the mirror effect is better.

2. The inductor has fine workmanship and is designed and manufactured according to different transmission modes. The heating time is uniform and the product quality is reliable.

3. Using IGBT advanced devices

4. This equipment is series resonant circuit, inductor is isolated suspension voltage, safety

5. This equipment adopts the international most advanced PWM control, the duty cycle ratio adjusts the work, directly introduces the 380V power supply system, does not have the influence to the power grid and other equipment.

6.The device has a comprehensive closed-loop protection, the protection speed is nanosecond 1 / 1 / 1000000 second) to ensure the normal operation of the main circuit of the device, the device is not easy to damage

7. The equipment has a comprehensive protection circuit, such as overcurrent, overheating, overvoltage, lack of water, lack of phase protection, to ensure the normal operation of the equipment.

8. The production efficiency of the equipment is high, easy and mechanical linkage, easy to link up with mechanical equipment, synchronization, production with rhythm.

9. This equipment is in line with the internationally accepted 3S standard ( sure,  safe, saving), and 3C standard (cool, clean, clam ).

10. The equipment adopts integrated circuit, the whole machine weight is light, the movement is convenient.


 Induction heating Machine For Solar Vacuum Tube Heating

Introduction of solar vacuum tube baking production line

      After the solar vacuum tube is processed by the equipment , not only the indexes fully meet the standard , but also the mirror surface is better in quality , bright and beautiful , and the main characteristics are energy – saving , safety , environmental protection and high efficiency .

In addition, according to the production needs of the solar vacuum tube industry and the flexibility and small size of the high frequency power supply, we have developed and developed the mechanical part of the device conscientiously. The design principle is as follows:

1 Strive to maximize the matching of high-frequency power supply characteristics, give play to the energy-saving advantages of high-frequency power supply.

2 Strive to maximize the service life of the transmission mechanism, enhance the operating capacity of the components

3 On the premise of meeting the needs of production, try to be as lightweight, minimized and integrated as possible.

4 Give full play to the small and flexible high-frequency power supply, easy to move address.

5 According to the advantages of high frequency power supply, the mechanical part is more portable, practical, simple, but not lost beauty, to minimize the customer’s pre-equipment investment, but get is really energy-saving and efficient quality equipment, all around the customer considerations.

Our design adopts: wear-resistant chain, heat-treated sprocket, quick replacement and adjustment of air flow mechanism, suitable geometry to support vacuum tube rubber pad, high reliability cylinder and advanced closed soft water cooling system, Accurate timer, integrated central control cabinet.


Flexible selection: according to the existing production conditions, users can choose the appropriate models and production lines,

TheⅠmachine can hold two vacuum tubes at the same time, and the movement mode is discontinuous directional motion.

The Ⅱmachine can hold 4 vacuum tubes at the same time, and the movement mode is continuous directional motion.

The Ⅲmachine can hold 8 vacuum tubes at the same time, and the movement mode is continuous directional motion.

We have specially designed a production line with a length of 4 m or 6 m due to the limitation of the site


     Induction heating Machine For Solar Vacuum Tube Heating