The complete set of Crankshaft quenching Equipment


The complete set of Crankshaft quenching Equipment

Crankshaft quenching equipment is suitable for all kinds of crankshaft quenching, each inductor heating and cooling process parameters can be set independently.

The vertical inductor suspension technology and the crankshaft clamping auxiliary technology can be used to quench a variety of crankshaft products and reduce the quenching deformation of the crankshaft.

Main Configuration of Crankshaft Quenching Equipment:

1. The equipment mainly includes crankshaft quenching machine tool, IGBT intermediate frequency power supply, quenching fluid circulating cooling device and purified water cooling cycle

Equipment (including low pressure cooling system 0.1-0.2mpa, 0.6-0.8mpa high pressure cooling system), electrical control system, cold water

The unit, etc.;The equipment can be used to quench the journal and round corner of crankshafts of various four and six cylinder machines of 500-1500mm in length.

2. Automatic monitoring and protection of temperature, pressure and flow of quenching fluid and cooling water.

3. The control system has the functions of fault protection, indication and alarm.

4. The power chuck, tailstock and transformer lifting drive mechanism of crankshaft quenching machine are pneumatic;Feeding and unloading mechanism;Using the

Double level car, motor drive synchronous belt drive, parts jacking power for the cylinder.

5. The head of the bed and the tail of the bed: the power chuck of the rotary cylinder is clamped. The rotation is driven by the servo motor

Whole to accommodate different lengths of crankshaft quenched.

6. Crankshaft movement system: servo motor and ball screw are adopted to drive crankshaft to move laterally, and rectangular linear guide rail is adopted.

7. Load feed: The driving force of load rise and fall is cylinder.

8. The machine is equipped with 6~15 load systems (including quenching transformer, capacitor, inductor, etc.), each load can be cut in turn

Move to an independent job;The distance between transformers can be manually adjusted from 0mm to 100mm.

9. Process parameters of load work can be set independently.

10. The clamping of crankshaft adopts center hole and end face positioning, the head and tail seat adopts pneumatic self-centering power chuck, and the clamping of crankshaft

The tailstock can be expanded and extended freely according to the crankshaft’s expansion amount during the quenching process.Clamping length adjustment

Electrically adjust with lead screw.

11. Siemens/Mitsubishi/Fanuc /PLC+ touch screen and other control systems can be used in the machine tool control system;The various action tools of the machine tool

With interlock protection, various process parameters of the equipment (including voltage, current, heating time, cooling time, heating power,

Frequency, spray flow, etc.) with display or setting function.

12. In addition to overvoltage, overcurrent, phase loss and hydraulic fault protection, the power supply also has voltage limiting, current limiting protection and minimum value

Protection, incoming line voltage protection, starting current protection and water temperature protection, with matching machine tool interlocking protection, matching machine

The bed is not ready for power and cannot start.

13. Process parameter monitoring can monitor and record the heating parameters of each heating part.

Main Configuration:

Maximum crankshaft rotary diameter: 300-1000mm

The maximum bend radius:  80-500mm

Maximum crankshaft length: 1500-10000mm

The maximum weight of crankshaft : 150-10000kg

The heating power: 200-1500 kW

Heating power frequency:  4-15 KHZ

Workpiece quenching:  leaching/spraying

Thin-type crankshaft quenching transformer: 1-15

Crankshaft quenching inductor:  1-15

Heating sensor cooling & high pressure strong cooling

Heating power cooling:  internal circulation closed soft water cooling

Quench liquid internal circulation cooling quench

External circulation cooling industrial chiller