wire rod induction preheating


Wire rod High frequency induction heating machine preheating

Heating production line for wire rod, strip, sheet and so on.
Dedicated Intelligent Equipment

Application scope: steel wire, copper wire, steel strip, steel plate, copper strip, aluminum plate, etc.

Workpiece parameters: diameter 0.5-20 thickness above 0.5;

Application: bluing, quenching, tempering, annealing, coating, plasticizing, etc.

Siemens PLC control center, combined with perfect program design, to achieve full automation production, save manpower, product stability.
High accuracy, Non-contact infrared temperature measurement, so that the temperature and operating speed, current, voltage form a closed loop, can improve the temperature control precision to 0.5%, to ensure that the product to keep stable quality.
Reliable equipment performance, ensure 24 hours continuous uninterrupted operation, strong communication ability to ensure, support RS485 and RS422 total line, support MOBUDS international standard agreement, optimized sensor design, make the steel strip heating temperature uniform.