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What are the commonly used CNC systems for quenching machine tools?


At present, there are many kinds of CNC systems at home and abroad with different USES. The CNC systems suitable for quenching machine characteristics are as follows:


(1) domestic economic CNC system this system programming simple and easy to learn, easy to operate, low price, in the middle and low grade CNC general quenching machine applications.However, there are some problems in the application of the system to the general quenching machine tool: first, the output and input interfaces of the system are designed according to the functional requirements of the machine tool, especially the input interfaces are relatively few;Second, when two adjacent instructions are executed, there is an interval of 0.4s between them, and it is impossible to spray liquid immediately after the heating ends (it is generally required to spray liquid immediately after heating for small workpiece);Three is the selection of two-coordinate CNC system one for lifting, one for rotation (indexing), two-coordinate simultaneous continuous movement will affect each other, so to use this economic CNC system for quenching machine tools need to carry out the necessary transformation.


(2) foreign economic CNC system foreign economic CNC system has many brands, a variety of models, among which Siemense802 series is commonly used.This system has the characteristics of perfect function, good performance, stability and reliability, high precision, large amount of stored procedures, but the price is high and the maintenance cost is high.


(3) the industrial control computer control system of industrial application in the quenching machine tool can make full use of the PC hardware (e.g., 586, Pentium Ⅲ) and software (such as DOS, Windows, Win98 / Me, WindowNT2000) resources integration control theory and the latest network technology, to realize more complex control and more software functions.