60kW All-in-one Induction Heating Machine – Crystal Growth

60kW All-in-one Induction Heating Machine – Single crystal silicon melting
Crystal Growth
Power Parameters
Equipment power: 60kW
Device frequency: 10kHz-15kHz
Incoming line voltage: 380V×3
Power supply features:
The equipment control accuracy is 0.1A, 0.01kW, and the equipment setting resolution can reach 0.01A, 0.001kW;
The maximum power of the equipment can be set;
The soft start time of the equipment can be set, and the setting range is 0.1 seconds to 10 seconds;
With fault self-reset, self-restart function,
Intelligent start and stop control of the Cooling fan 
The main power supply and loading/transformer integrated design

Induction heat treatment solution

Product Features

Standard intelligent High frequency induction heating machine heating power supply features


Save electricity

Full digital frequency tracking technology enables IGBT to work at all times zero open state, the inverter power factor always remains above 95%. The composite motherboard structure makes the whole inverter unit need not be absorbed back Road, inverter efficiency is greatly improved.


High control accuracy

High design resolution: control resolution up to 0.025% . Fast control speed: the control response speed is at High control accuracy the nanosecond level, namely 0.0000000000006 seconds.


Stability is good

High repetition accuracy: no power drift will occur in cumulative startup. Good anti-interference performance: the stability of temperature, humidity and power grid voltage is good, and the change will not affect the equipment.


The cost is low

It adopts non-control rectifier, inverter to adjust power, simple topology, under the condition of conventional heating, realize the characteristics of fewest devices and simple structure, and effectively control the cost of the whole machine.

Standard intelligent High frequency induction heating machine heating power supply -Compared to traditional analog circuits


Good consistency

High repetition accuracy: no power drift will occur in cumulative startup. Good anti-interference performance: temperature, humidity, network voltage changes will not affect the equipment.


Long service life

Cabinet design life is long: fully sealed design, at the same time using strict anti-rust treatment, so that the cabinet life is much higher than similar products on the market. Long design life of the core components: the core components are all imported products, some of the components adopt military standards. The control circuit design is durable: the control circuit board is made of high quality PCB board, the control chip is up to the.


Low failure rate

The maintenance rate of new products under warranty is extremely low.


Good scalability

Abundant external interface and strong plasticity are the biggest characteristics of the intelligent induction heating power supply.

Standard intelligent induction heating power supply-Compared with other manufacturers of digital power supply


Adopt high speed DSP chip

It has extremely high anti-interference ability, and the running speed is 10 times of the traditional microprocessor, which effectively ensures the high performance and stability of the equipment.


Adopt aluminum - zinc plate imitation Rittal cabinet

Greatly improved the service life of the equipment cabinet, in addition to the imitation of the Rittal structure to make the equipment more beautiful.


The laminated motherboard is used to ensure the stability of the inverter

The laminated bus with patented technology can effectively reduce the distributed inductance on the dc bus, so as to reduce the working peak of the inverter and greatly improve the service life of the inverter.


Fiber optic transmission

Completely solve the induction heating power vulnerable to electromagnetic interference problem, to ensure the consistency and stability of signal transmission.


Product parameters
1.Equipment overview
The silicon carbide crystal growth furnace is mainly used to grow large-sized, high-quality SiC single crystals using the physical vapor transport method (PVT).
2.Technical advantages
1). Adopt a dual-coil design and based on multi-physics simulation, optimize the spacing, number of turns, coil position and other parameters of the two coils to achieve independent control of the temperature field of the seed crystal and the source, and achieve large-size and high-quality silicon carbide growth. The warm field.
2). Carry out research on the design of the crucible’s independent rotating mechanism, and innovatively introduce an independent support design into the crucible’s rotating structure, so that the crucible can rotate independently of the heat preservation during the growth process, reducing the impact of heat preservation on the temperature field of the crucible. Solve the problem of uncontrollable temperature field due to thermal insulation loss and deformation between furnaces during the growth of silicon carbide single crystal, and improve the crystal growth yield.
3). Combine numerical simulation and theoretical calculations to optimize the crucible and temperature gradient structures, reveal the crystallization and kinetic processes, break through the preparation process of 6-inch SiC crystals, and effectively solve the difficult problem of defect enrichment in SiC crystals.
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