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Application of induction heating surface quenching


Application of High frequency induction heating machine heating surface quenching

For the workpiece subjected to torsion, bending and other alternating load, the surface layer is required to bear higher stress or wear resistance than the core, so the surface of the workpiece needs to be strengthened, suitable for carbon content We=0.40 ~ 0.50% steel;

Rapid heating combined with immediate quenching and cooling;

The surface of the steel parts to be processed can reach the quenching temperature by rapid heating. The surface is only hardened to martensite without heat transfer to the center, and the center is still annealed (or normalized and tempered) with good plasticity and toughness.

Main methods:

Induction heating surface quenching (high frequency, medium frequency, power frequency), flame heating surface quenching, electric contact heating surface quenching, electrolyte heating surface quenching, laser heating surface quenching, electron beam heating surface quenching.

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